Westin Outback Series Roof Rack

  • Vehicle Specific SUV applications
  • Mount to existing OE Rails and Tracks
  • Heavyduty 250 bl. load capacity for 2-bar kits
  • 3-bar kit adds 125 lbs to load capacity
  • Foot designs are unique to mounting technique
  • Clear anodized aluminum cross bar
  • Universal HD cross bar design
  • Allen Hex security feature
Westin knows your SUV is your “everything” vehicle and on any given day you may find yourself on a mountainous excursion. The acronym S. U. V stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, better described as a universal multi-lifestyle accomodating everything family vehicle. SUVs are generally equipped with OE Rails on the roof of the vehicle to which Westin’s Outback Series Racks mount. For those that do not come equipped with OE Rails, Westin also offers a Track mount option. With Westin’s Outback Series Racks, you’ll be ready for packing. They provide a stable base for cargo loads and maximize the utility of the vehicle, for when your need it.
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