Westin 4″ Oval Tube Step Bars

  • Straight Tube Design.
  • Mounting Brackets & Hardware Included.
  • Pickups, SUV & CUV Applications.
  • Stainless Steel Or Black Finish.
  • Durable Plastic End Caps.
  • Featuring Non-Slip Saddle Mounted Step Pads.
  • Large 4″ Oval Tube Construction!

If your big truck needs a step up, you need to check out the Westin 4″ Oval tube nerf bars.

These nerf bars are designed extra big to compliment the larger trucks of today. They give you a larger stepping platform than the traditional sized nerf bar. Westin 4″ Oval nerf bars are available in 2 different finishes including stainless steel which is polished to a mirror finish and mild steel which is powder coated black.

Both of these finishes are designed to ward off the corrosion process, giving you long lasting function and style. The step pads featured on these side steps are featuring a non-slip design, ensuring safe entry and departure to and from your truck.

Westin 4″ Oval tube nerf bars are featuring plastic end caps that fit perfectly, ensuring a water tight seal. By outlining your truck’s natural contours, these nerf bars are going to make your truck look absolutely amazing.

So whether you are looking for a nerf bar set to add style or function, the Westin 4″ Oval nerf bars will do that and more. Whether you have a pickup truck, suv or cuv, these are sure to give your style and make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. Made by Westin Automotive.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/category/products/nerf-barsstep-bars/

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