Tekonsha P-3 Trailer Brake Controller – Proportional

LCD display features a distinctive look with multiple color and contrast options and includes a highly advanced, easy-to-understand roadside diagnostics display. Proportional braking with boost feature for fast and smooth stopping.

  • Applies power to the trailer brakes in proportion to vehicle’s deceleration when brakes are applied
  • No level adjustment necessary – it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive
  • Works proportionally in reverse – great for backing into tough spots
  • Designed for use with electric over hydraulic trailer brake systems
    • Works equally well on standard electric trailer brakes
  • Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking
  • Continual diagnostics check for proper connection, shorted magnet condition and much more
    • Easy to read and understand diagnostic display
  • “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers
  • Power-saving mode reduces drain on battery when vehicle is not in use
  • Unique pocket mount allows for flexible mounting options
  • Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the control when not in use
    • The P3, along with the Tekonsha Prodigy and Primus, offers a replacement wiring harness (sold separately) to move the controller easily from one vehicle to another
  • Rotary style manual brake adjustment lever is easily accessible under the controller unit
  • Customize the LCD display by choosing language, color and contrast options
    • Language options: English, French, and Spanish
    • Color options: blue, light blue, cyan, green, light green, orange, magenta, pink, and white
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 3-5/8″ (W) x 4-5/8″ (L) x 1-3/8″ (H)
  • Boost levels increase power up 0%, 13% and 25%
  • 180 degree vertical plane operating range
    • Can be mounted between -90 degree (straight down) and 90 degree (straight up)
  • Made for up to four-axle trailer brake systems (8 Brakes)
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting displays: Battery Voltage, Stop Lamp Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current
  • Diagnostic Warning Signs: Open Ground, Overload, Output Shorted, Power Loss, and No Trailer Connected
Required: For vehicles without brake control adapters
  • 20 amp. Circuit Breaker (9506P) for 2-4 Brake applications
  • 30 amp. Circuit Breaker (38630) for 6-8 Brake applications

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/tekonsha-p-3-trailer-brake-controller-proportional/

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One Response to Tekonsha P-3 Trailer Brake Controller – Proportional

  1. Mark says:

    I got one of these from TruckStuffDirect.com a year or so ago. I ordered it with the plugin adapter so it was really just as simple as plug and play. It works extremely well and is easy to read, understand and adjust for various trailers. My current trailer is 16′ enclosed and loaded weighs close to 5000 pounds. With the up and down arrow buttons I can easily adjust the amount of current going to the electric brakes on my trailer. It also provides a great automatic diagnostic when you first hook up your trailer to let you know if all is ok or there is a problem with the connection. Love it!

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