Smart For-Us Pickup Truck Concept Announced

If you were one of the unfortunate kids who never got a Power Wheels for your birthday, you might be in luck thanks to Smart.

No it’s not a joke, though it is just a concept car. Smart sent out a press release today detailing its new For-Us pickup truck.Smart For Us Concept Truck

With the most serious face you can muster, picture this: Smart’s latest attempt to grab U.S. attention is small enough to fit inside an average pickup truck bed.

The little thing measures a miniature 11.6 feet and features a bed just big enough to squeeze a couple of bikes with their front wheels removed.

Smart said in their release that the ultra-compact pickup could be useful for accessing areas traditional trucks cant fit into, like small trails. Despite the obvious limitations around owning a pickup smaller than some golf carts, the Smart For-Us might have a sliver of merit: it’s an EV. Perhaps if the company sees its way to marketing this little utility buggy, the world might have it’s first zero-emissions pickup truck. Just try not to go too far out into the bush. You wouldn’t want to run out of battery power on the “isolated trails” Smart suggests taking the For-Us on.

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