Retrax Tonneau Covers vs. The Competition

RetraxONE vs. The Competition (Product Differences)

RetraxONE Product Benefits
The Competition
Rolling Cover
A durable thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN® that is UV treated for protection from the sun. Vinyl glued or stapled to aluminum slats.
The cover is reinforced with up to 20 tempered aluminum support beams embedded every 4 3/4″, which will hold 200 lbs. and can easily support heavy snow loads. The cover is strong enough to stand on (not recommended). The cover will withstand a concentrated load of about 120 pounds. A light snow load is tolerated.
Retraction System
Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto each end of the aluminum support beams allow the cover to retract or close easily without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism. Anti-bind ball-bearings mounted horizontally prevent the cover from binding as it is opened or closed. Top and bottom rail wear strips.
Spiral Storage System
Unique spiral track system that prevents the cover from contacting itself as it retracts, which eliminates wear-and-tear on the cover. No moving parts to jam, freeze or fail. Cover rolls up on top of itself on a spring loaded drum similar to a window shade.
Locking Positions
Cover can be latched or key locked in any position along the rail. Tailgate works independently of the rolling cover. Intermittent locking positions every 12 inches. Tailgate works independently of the rolling cover.
The flush-mounted lock handle, located at the rear on the driver’s side, provides easy access when opening and closing the cover. Reach to the center of the cover and grab a tow strap, walk back to the truck and pull the cover back.
Tailgate Area
The RetraxONE bed cover overlaps the top of the tailgate, utilizing an automotive grade weather strip seal. The cover meets up with the inside face of the tailgate. Water runs down the inside face of the tailgate.
Weather Protection
The patented RetraxONE low-profile design uses a front cover that is flush with the rolling cover; this streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help keep the bed dry. This design incorporates automotive grade weather strip to help keep water, snow, ice and dust out of the bed. Water is channeled to the rails and canister. The water must try to pass through 2 small drain tubes to exit the bed.
No special maintenance required. Wash and wax the cover like you would the hood of your truck. Requires treatment with a vinyl protectant. Should be applied each time you wash your truck.
Customer Service
The RetraxONE will provide you with the security and convenient cargo protection that you deserve. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. We pledge top quality customer service and provide highly trained technicians. You can count on us now and years down the road; that’s just the way we do business.
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