Rampage LED Tailgate Light Bars

  • Five Functions
  • Left turn signal
  • Right turn signal
  • Running lights
  • Brake lights
  • Emergency hazard lights
  • Bring more attention and stopping power to your ride with Rampage Tailgate LED Light Bars
  • Heavy-gauge wiring with plug-in, flat-four hitch connector easily attaches into existing trailer hitch—includes fuse protection
  • Long-lasting Superbrite LED bulbs offer brighter and faster lighting response
  • Your Rampage Tailgate LED Light Bars are injection molded and waterproof
  • Rubber end seals are bonded with silicone to keep the elements out
  • Equipped with high-quality SMT technology circuit board
  • Easily mounts to your vehicle with 3M adhesive foam tape—no drilling necessary
  • Choose from two different styles and two separate sizes with multiple functions
  • Rampage backs your Tailgate LED Light Bars with a 1-year warranty

When lead-footed drivers need an extra dose of caution in their face, send them a solid message from your ride’s rear end with Rampage Tailgate LED Light Bars.

Stepping on the brakes delivers a highly visible cue that you’re stopping. Signaled lane changes are seen with more clarity via the blinker. Go with the five-function option, or choose the six function with either red or amber turning signals (select product for details).

Rampage Tailgate LED Light Bars are made with heavy-gauge wiring and simply attach to your vehicle’s backend through a plug-in, flat-four hitch connector. Complete with Superbrite LED bulbs and a superb SMT technology circuit board for rapid lighting response. These light bars are waterproof and stick on securely with 3M tape—no drilling required.

What’s more, your Rampage Tailgate LED Light Bars are available in 49″ or 60″ lengths to ensure the right fit for your vehicle. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/rampage-led-tailgate-light-bars/

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