Putco Chrome Side Fender Vents

  • Stand out from the highway herd with the unique look of Putco Chrome Side Fender Vents
  • Available in a wide array of eye-catching styles
  • Crafted from automotive-grade chrome ABS that’s safe from rust, pits and peels
  • Matches perfectly with factory chrome trim and other Putco accents
  • Completely customizable—mounts to any flat surface on your vehicle
  • All Putco Chrome Side Fender Vents come pre-applied with professional-strength 3M adhesive for simple installation
  • Backed by Putco’s 1-year warranty

Back in the day, you’d need a name like Vanderbilt or Rockefeller to afford an auto with factory side louvers. That’s because these attention-stealing accents were once reserved for high-end vehicles with unpronounceable foreign names. But, times have changed. With a universal set of Putco Chrome Side Fender Vents, you can give your car, truck or SUV a million-dollar look even if you don’t have a trust fund.

With a number of distinct styles to choose from, you get the exact look you want from Putco Chrome Fender Vents. What’s more, these universal louvers mount to any flat surface: fenders, quarter-panels or even hoods.

Every Putco Chrome Side Fender Vent is bred from premium stock: automotive-grade chrome ABS, that is. With this top-shelf material, you never have to worry about rust, pits or peeling. Plus, they come with pre-applied 3M adhesive for an easy peel-and-stick installation. No drilling, cutting or welding needed! Better yet, you also get a 1-year warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/putco-chrome-side-fender-vents/

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