PIAA 580 Series Driving and Fog Light Kit

  • The PIAA 580 Series Light Kit sports a design that’s ideal for mounting on any mid to full-size truck or SUV with enough clearance
  • Turns light into day with PIAA Xtreme White 85w bulbs emitting a beam strength equivalent to 135w
  • Choose between wide beam fog lights or driving lights for incredible high beam range
  • PIAA 580 Lamps measure 6-11/16″ in diameter x 3-1/8″ deep
  • Covered by black aluminum housings designed to withstand rough driving conditions
  • Kit includes 2 lamps with bulbs, a heavy-duty wiring harness built to handle high-watt bulbs, an in-cab switch and 2 grill-style black light covers
  • Your PIAA 580 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!!

Equip your mid to full-size truck or SUV with extremely powerful light and durable construction meant to handle the roughest driving. PIAA 580 Series Lights shed an abundance of illumination on the road ahead from wide fog or strong driving beams. And, they boast sturdy black aluminum housings that can take a punch.

PIAA 580 fog and driving light models both harness the power of exclusive Xtreme White bulbs blasting 135w brightness from an 85w bulb. The result is excellent ground coverage in thick fog, or extreme range for nighttime twisting and turning through dark back roads.

Wiring these supernova beams to your vehicle doesn’t take an advanced degree. Just use the included pre-assembled wiring harness, relay, control switch and detailed instructions for installation that won’t wash out your free time. PIAA throws 2 black grill-style covers into the kit as a bonus, too.

Best yet, your PIAA 580 Series Light Kit is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/piaa-580-series-driving-and-fog-light-kit/

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