PIAA 540 Series Driving and Fog Light Kit

  • PIAA 540 Series Lights sport a 5″ diameter shape that’s ideal for small or mid-size trucks and SUVs with enough clearance
  • Your choice of fog light or driving light models
  • PIAA 540 Fog Lights use Plasma Ion amber light technology for outstanding foul weather visibility
  • Xtreme White driving lights blast incredible beams for improved nighttime driving
  • PIAA 540 Series Lights are protected by black stamped steel housings for durability
  • Lamps measure only 2-1/2″ deep for convenient mounting anywhere
  • Kit includes 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay, an in-cab switch and 2 black mesh-style light covers
  • Fog bulbs are 12v 55w lights emitting an 85w strength beam; driving lights use 12v 55w bulbs blasting a 110w strength beam
  • Your PIAA 540 Light Kit is covered by a Lifetime Warranty

Get full-size lighting capability from a mid-sized lamp. PIAA 540 Series Lights pack all the power of their bigger 6″ brothers into a 5″ diameter lamp that’s ideal for small and mid-size trucks or SUV’s.

PIAA 540 Series Lights are available in fog or driving light models. The fog lights employ exclusive Plasma Ion amber light technology for outstanding visibility in the thickest weather. 540 Driving Lights boast the power of Xtreme White bulbs for outstanding range at night. Each model is encased in a stamped steel black housing for complete durability.

Installing these mid-size lights is no large chore. Just use the included wiring harness, relay and switch along with the detailed directions for a fast and easy setup. Plus, PIAA throws in 2 black mesh-style light covers for protection and great looks.

Best yet, your PIAA 540 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/piaa-540-series-driving-and-fog-light-kit/

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