PIAA 520 Series Driving and Fog Light Kit

  • The PIAA 520 Series Light Kit sports an outstanding universal design that’s ideal for mounting on any truck, SUV, grille guard or light bar with enough clearance
  • Huge 6″ diameter blasts the road ahead in either fog or driving lights models
  • PIAA 520 Fog Lights cast a wide beam with Ion Crystal amber light for outstanding visibility
  • Driving Light models boast outstanding range and foul weather visibility with amber Ion Crystal concentrated beams
  • PIAA 520 Lights are protected by stamped steel housings in Black or Chrome finish
  • Both fog and driving light models use 12v 85w H3 bulbs
  • PIAA 520 Lamps measure 6″ in diameter x 2-11/16″ deep
  • Kit includes 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay, an in-cab switch and 2 matching mesh-style light covers
  • Your PIAA 520 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

The 520 Series Light Kit is PIAA’s flagship auxiliary truck light, and with good reason. A large 6” diameter for outstanding beam power in both fog light and driving light models. Durable stamped steel housings. And, simple installation that’s ideal for any grille guard, light bar or roof rack.

PIAA 520 Lights are available in a wide-beam fog light for cutting through the thickest blanket, and an incredibly bright driving light for outstanding range and safety at night. Both use state-of-the-art ion crystal bulb technology—a distinct amber light color that blasts through foul weather.

The PIAA 520 Series Light Kit includes everything you need for a complete setup: 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay, an in-cab switch and 2 mesh-style covers. Plus, you can choose either black or chrome finish lamp housings to match your truck or grille guard. Best yet, your PIAA 520 Series Light Kit boasts a Lifetime Warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/piaa-520-series-driving-and-fog-light-kit/

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