PIAA 510 Series Driving and Fog Light Kit

  • The PIAA 510 Series Light Kit features a universal design for mounting on any vehicle with enough clearance—ideal for newer vehicles with manufacturer bumper light sockets
  • Choose between 510 Fog Lights or 510 Driving Lights
  • PIAA 510 Fog Lights employ Ion Crystal bulbs which emit an amber light for outstanding foul weather visibility
  • Super White Driving Light models boast outstanding clear visibility and range for nighttime driving
  • PIAA 510 Series Lights are encased by black stamped steel housings for durability
  • 12v bulbs draw 55w, yet emit a beam strength equivalent to 85w
  • PIAA 510 Lamps measure 4″ in diameter x 2-7/16″ deep
  • Kit includes 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness, a relay, an in-cab switch and 2 black mesh-style covers with white PIAA logo
  • Your PIAA 510 Series Light Kit carries a Lifetime Warranty!!!

Treat your vehicle to a set of lights boasting best-in-class performance that’s the lamp of choice for many automakers. The PIAA 510 Series Light Kit features a compact, 4″ diameter design for use as either fog or driving lights. And, the thin design makes these PIAA driving lights perfect for mounting to vehicles with factory light holes in the front bumper or front spoiler.

PIAA 510 Fog Lights blast through the thick blankets of mist with ultra-wide ion crystal amber lights. Driving lights models employ Super White bulbs for incredible range and safety at night. Both models are encased with stamped black steel housings for complete durability and protection.

You don’t need to be an electrician to hook your new kit up. Just use PIAA’s included detailed instructions, pre-assembled wiring harness with relay, and the in-cab switch for easy installation. And you get 2 mesh-style light covers, too.

Best yet, your PIAA 510 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/piaa-510-series-driving-and-fog-light-kit/

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