PIAA 2100 Series Driving and Fog Light Kit

  • PIAA 2100 Series Lights sport a compact size, aerodynamic style and a universal design that’s ideal for late-model vehicles with enough clearance
  • Choose from 2 lamp styles to fit your visibility needs:
  • Xtreme White Fog Lights: PIAA 2100XT Fog Lights employ exclusive Super Multi-Surface Reflector (SMR) technology for a wide, clear, focused beam with reduced stray light
  • Xtreme White Driving Lights: these PIAA driving lights use SMR technology for a more powerful and focused beam, enhancing nighttime visibility
  • PIAA 2100XT Light Kits employ 12v H3 bulbs drawing 55w, yet emitting a 110w beam brightness
  • Lamps measure 2-1/8″ high x 4-3/4″ wide x 3-3/4″ deep
  • Kit includes 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay and an in-cab switch
  • Your PIAA 2100 Series Light Kit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Sleek design, compact size and a variety of uses. The PIAA 2100 Series Light Kit provides outstanding performance on the front-end of today’s modern aerodynamic vehicles. And, for adding visibility and safety in the driving situations you encounter most, PIAA 2100 Series lights are available fog or driving light models.

In fog light applications, the PIAA 2100 uses exclusive SMR technology for clear, focused light and little dispersion. PIAA 2100 driving lights employ SMR high-range bulbs for crystal clear visibility.

PIAA includes all the kit parts you’ll need for nearly-effortless installation: 2 lamps with bulbs, a pre-assembled wiring harness with relay and an in-cab switch. And, the compact housing makes for mounting in any position less tricky. Plus, your PIAA 2100 Series Lights are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/piaa-2100-series-driving-and-fog-light-kit/


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