Pendaliner Non Skid Truck Bedliner

  • Innovative, super skid-resistant surface offers two times the skid resistance of other bedliners.
  • New premium gloss exterior adds a shine that won’t wear down.
  • Patented, non-abrasive skid resistance doesn’t rub off.
  • Thick ribbed construction provides extra protection and allows airflow between bedliner and truckbed for moisture evaporation.
  • Even material distribution assures durable protection for the roughest use.
  • Manufactured from model-specific molds that provide a perfect fit, seamless construction and more cargo space than any other bedliner.
  • Newly designed headwall.
  • Non-pooling floors allow complete drainage and make clean-up easy.
  • Contains board holder slots and detents for two-tier and compartmental loading.
  • Over-rail models provide protection of the truck bed rails.
  • Under-rail models allow for truck caps, tonneau covers or aftermarket rail protectors.
  • Tailgate comes equipped with cupholders — a Penda exclusive!
  • Patented no-drill installation available for all bedliner models


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