Pacer Outback LED Tailgate Light Bar

  • High Visibility LEDs: High Intensity LED’s emit a bright glow that greatly improves your visibility to other drivers while giving your vehicle a dressed up look.
  • 2 Designs: Rigid or Flexible: Rigid Light Bar: The Pacer Outback F5 Light Bar is available as a rigid plastic light bar. The traditional rigid light bar mounts easily on flat areas and ensures a straight fit. Flexible Design: Pacer’s all new flexible LED design allows users to mount LED lighting on vehicles that may not have a flat edge to mount a rigid light bar.
  • Plug and Play Install: Pacer tailgate bars offers plug and play installation that connects to your vehicles 4 pin trailer light connector. Both the rigid and flexible mount LED light bars mount using 3M self-stick adhesive. Simply plug the 36” long cable (which is included) into the suv or pickup trucks standard 4-pin trailer light connector. (This can be hard wired if necessary). NOTE: adapter required on some trucks if you do not have a 4-pin connector.
  • 4 or 5 Lighting Functions: Pacer’s Outback F5 tailgate light bar features 5 lighting functions including running lights, brake lights, reverse lights, left turn signals, and right turn signals. The Outback F4 tailgate light bar has 4 functions of red LED lights: running light, brake, left & right turn signals.
  • 2 and 3 Color Options: The Outback F5 LED bar is available in two color options. The 3 color light offers red running and brake lights, amber turn signals, and white reverse lights. The 2 color light features red running, brake, and signal lights with white reverse lights.
  • 2 Lengths 49″ or 60″: The 49″ light bar is ideal for midsize/compact vehicles while the 60″ light bar is intended for fullsize pickup trucks and SUV’s.

Pacer Outback LED tailgate light bar offer more features and options than any other suv or pickup truck tailgate light bar on the market. The Outback led light bar is available in a traditional rigid plastic light bar as well as a new flexible design. This new flexible form fitting design is perfect for today’s Pickup Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers, and Vans by allowing the light to follow the contour of the vehicle.

Choose from either the F4 or F5 tailgate light bar. Users can now mount LED tailgate light bar neatly on any vehicle if it doesn’t have a flat mounting surface. Both the rigid and flexible light bar designs attach using 3M self-stick tape, eliminating the need to drill. All Pacer f5 led light bars feature five lighting functions including running lights, brake lights, back up lights, right turn signals, and left turn signals. The Outback F5 LED lights are available in both 2 and 3 color options including red/amber/white and red/white.

Three color light bars feature red running and brake lights, amber turn signals, and white reverse lights. The two color LED lights features red running, brake, and turn signal lights as well as white reverse lights. The F4 led light bar has 4 functions of red LED lights: running lights, brake light, left and right turn signals. LED lights are sealed in a clear weather proof covering for long life.

All Pacer tailgate light bars offer a low profile design allowing them to fit neatly into the space below the tailgate or rear hatch. The Outback LED light bar uses a simple 4 pin connector that easily plugs into your vehicles trailer light adapter plus 1 wire for white reverse lights and 1 wire for amber turn signals. The high intensity LEDs give your vehicle a custom look while making you highly visible to other drivers.

All Pacer LED light bars include illustrated, step by step installation instructions.


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