Pace Edwards PowerGate

  • Protect your valuable cargo from the fast hands of parking lot bandits with Pace Edwards’ PowerGate
  • Adds a tough dead bolt to your tailgate that locks and unlocks automatically with your power door locks
  • Engage or disengage your PowerGate with the push of a button—your keyless entry remote controls it
  • A toggle switch is available for trucks not equipped with power door locks
  • The PowerGate works seamlessly with any Pace Edwards tonneau cover or other covers
  • The backing plate and slide bolt on your PowerGate are wrought from stainless steel, and the guide block is crafted from sturdy nylon
  • Your PowerGate installs in an hour or less and requires no drilling
  • Comes with the necessary “plug-and-go” wiring harness to link your PowerGate tailgate lock to your pickup’s electrical system
  • Built with pride in the USA
  • Pace Edwards covers your PowerGate with a 3-year warranty

While tonneau covers prevent thieves from peeking into your truck bed, nothing’s stopping them from opening your tailgate and swiping your stuff. Without a dead bolt on your tailgate, your valuables are always vulnerable to sticky fingers. Batten down the hatches of your tonneau-equipped truck with Pace Edwards’ PowerGate to safeguard your cargo from bandits.

You never have to remember to lock your PowerGate. It automatically activates when you lock and unlock your power doors. Simply hit the button on your keyless remote, and your entire vehicle is locked down tighter than a Sing Sing cell block. If your rig doesn’t have the power package, you can still use the PowerGate with the optional toggle switch.

Your PowerGate is built tough using a stainless steel backing plate and slide bolt with a nylon guide block. It mounts nearly invisible inside your tailgate in an hour or less without any drilling.

Backed by a 3-year warranty.


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