N-Fab Pre-Runner

  • Nothing looks sweeter on the front of your rig than one of N-Fab’s custom pre-runner, desert-runner or lightbar and sometimes those huge, bulky, black, front-end replacements just aren’t needed.
  • If you are looking for great way to mount a couple lights, while providing an fair amount of front end protection, while maintaining a stylish look, then check out N-Fab’s full line of front Pre-Runners, Desert Runners, Rear-Runners and Light Bars.
  • Each application is designed to compliment other N-Fab products such as Nerf Steps, Desert-Runners, Rear-Runners, and Bed-Runners, for that much-desired Baja race truck look.
  • All of N-Fab full-size Pre-Runners are made to house up to three 8-inch front racing lights for a wide off-road race inspired light pattern.
  • Because of our innovative construction, N-Fab Pre-Runners require no brackets for installation on most of our models.
  • A simple supplied bolt kit is all that is necessary.
  • There are no modified installation techniques to trucks with body-lift kits.
  • Our new Pre-Runners are constructed using .095 wall race car tubing that has been treated for corrosion inside and out.
  • The unique mounting design allows the applications to be applied to existing factory OEM bumpers.
  • 6 bends on the main bar ensure that the Pre-Runner is no more than 2 inches from the front bumper for a clean tight look.
  • Our new Pre-Runners are available in 18 different models including applications for Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, Nissan, GMC, and Jeep.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/n-fab-pre-runner/

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