Lund StepRail Elliptical Running Boards

  • Heavy duty, rugged tubular appearance.
  • Durable aluminum construction that will not rust or corrode.
  • Designed to install with Vehicle Specific Mounts.
  • Thick non-slip step treads pads for easy vehicle entry.
  • Five multi-fit lengths, 24”, 54”, 70”, 80”, 90” – Available for most pickups and popular SUV’s.
  • Choose from 2 fnishes to best match the look for your truck or SUV.
  • Adjustable end caps finish that allow boards adjustment for a custom fit appearance.

Lund Running Boards include the Lund StepRail  Elliptical Running Boards for Pickups and SUV’s. The Lund elliptical aluminum side entry step rails are running boards constructed of durable aluminum that will not rust or corrode.

These elliptical running boards, called step rails have thick, non-slip step treads for easy entry into your pickup truck or suv. The steprails running boards have adjustable end caps that allow boards adjustment for a custom fit appearance.

Available in black or brite finish.

They have a heavy duty, rugged tubular running board appearance. Designed to mount using the Lund OE style mounting Kit, which is included.

Modernize your ride with Lund  StepRail running boards. Manufactured by Lund Industries.


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