KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Lights System

  • KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Off-Road and Driving Lights are the latest in performance auxiliary lighting from KC
  • Built with enduring and lightweight 8″ stainless steel housings
  • KC HiLites Rally 800 Series Lights are made low-profile with a multi-adjustable base for simple mounting and aiming
  • Topped by virtually unbreakable Lexan lenses
  • KC Rally 800 Series Lights are armed with 130w halogen bulbs
  • Controlled by an LED switch that can be mounted in or under your dash
  • KC Rally 800 Series Lights come with matching molded ABS KC stone guards
  • Includes a fully assembled, pre-terminated, relay-style wiring harness for easier installation
  • Your KC Rally 800 Series Off-Road and Driving Lights are covered by a 23-year warranty

Take on any environment with the latest in auxiliary lighting technology from KC HiLites: the Rally 800 Series. KC Rally 800 Series Lights give you versatility, power and performance with the flip of a switch.

Each KC Rally 800 Series Light features a darkness-defeating 8″ diameter stainless steel housing. Power that housing with a 130w halogen bulb, top it with a virtually unbreakable Lexan lens, and put it all in a super-lightweight design, and the result is the ideal high-performance light.

KC includes a fully assembled wiring harness to make installation simple, plus an LED switch for controlling your lights. The multi-adjusting base makes mounting and aiming virtually anywhere a breeze. KC also includes a 23-year warranty with your set of Rally 800 Lights.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/kc-hilites-rally-800-series-lights-system/

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