KC HiLites 57 Series Lights System

  • KC HiLites’ 57 Series Lights System combines big size and power with all-weather performance
  • Available in 3 unique beam patterns: All-Season, Driving and Flood
  • KC 57 Series Lights feature durable 5″ x 7″ composite ABS housings
  • Equipped with 55W halogen bulbs that blast whiter, brighter, more efficient light
  • KC 57 Series Lights Systems come with a pre-terminated wiring harness, a 40-amp relay and a lighted KC in-cab switch
  • Illustrated instructions make mounting your lights easy
  • Your KC HiLites 57 Series Lights System is covered by a 23-year warranty!

57 is a magical number. It represents thick, rich ketchup destined for a fistful of fries. Or, it marks the best Chevrolet ever made. KC’s 57 Series Lights don’t disappoint the number’s glorious tradition, adding range and safety to driving in most any weather condition.

KC 57 Series Lights Systems get their name from their burly light size (5” x 7”). 57 Series Lights are available in an All-Season kit, combining driving lights and fog lights into one set. Or, choose 57 Series Lights as a tried and true driving lights system. Even better, add 57 Series Flood Lights to your vehicle for extending daylight hours whenever you choose. You can’t go wrong.

Each 57 Series KC Lights System comes with a complete wiring harness, a relay and an in-cab control switch. And, illustrated directions make DIY installation simple. Plus, your KC HiLites 57 Series Lights System is covered by a 23-year warranty—a great number in its own right.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/kc-hilites-57-series-lights-system/

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