KC HiLites 35 Series Wide Beam Driving Lights System

  • The KC HiLites 35 Series Wide-Beam LX2 Lights System dramatically improves your side-to-side nighttime driving vision
  • Equipped with KC’s specially engineered LX2 glass lenses that produce a wider beam pattern
  • KC 35 Series Wide-Beam Lights work perfectly with factory standard and high beam lights
  • Protected by durable ABS composite housings
  • KC 35 Series Wide-Beam Lights employ 55W halogen bulbs for brighter, whiter and more efficient light
  • Includes a pre-terminated wiring harness, a 40-amp relay and an illuminated KC control switch
  • Illustrated instructions make installation to your vehicle simple
  • Your KC 35 Series Wide-Beam LX2 Lights System is covered by a 23-year warranty

Your factory lights take care of front-to-back vision, but how about side-to-side? With their narrow range, you could be missing a good many hazards waiting to cause a problem with little warning. Luckily, KC makes a lighting setup that widens your view and boosts nighttime driving safety.

The KC 35 Series System is anchored by their unique LX2 Wide-Beam glass lens technology. This special shaping—combined with 55W halogen bulbs—casts light in a much wider pattern than factory low and high beams. It’s welcome clarity during treacherous nighttime driving, all in a pair of 3” x 5” lamps.

KC includes a complete wiring harness, relay and lighted in-cab control switch with your 35 Series Lights System. And, KC backs your 35 Series Lights with its stellar 23-year warranty—full coverage from front to back and side to side.

MORE INFORMATION: http://truckstuffdirect.com/kc-hilites-35-series-wide-beam-driving-lights-system/

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