Husky Liner Floor Mats

  • Husky Liners are custom-molded to fit your vehicle.
  • Crafted from a patented blend of rubberized thermo-plastic ingredients and engineering resin that’s resistant to anything your feet slop in.
  • Husky’s deep rim design prevents mud, water or snow from sliding off the mat and onto your carpet.
  • Husky Floor Liners use exclusive “SPiN Sta-Put” carpet-gripping spikes to keep the liner in place-Husky Cargo Liners do not use the spikes.
  • Cleaning Husky Liners is easy-pull `em out, hose `em off and let `em dry.
  • Husky Liners are available in 3 universal colors, one sure to match your vehicle’s interior: Black, Tan and Grey.
  • Husky Liners carry a Lifetime Warranty against cracking and breaking!

Replace wimpy floor mats with the impenetrable, nearly indestructible protection of Husky Floor Liners. Made from a patented thermo-plastic rubberized blend material, these floor liners are designed to guard your interior for years without cracking or breaking.

Husky Floor Liners use a molded tread surface and deep rim design to keep all of the mud, water or snow you drag in off your carpet. Husky Liners are custom-made for perfect fit and use Husky’s “SPiN Sta-Put” carpet spikes underneath to keep them in place.

Husky Floor Liners are ideal for any row of seating and the cargo area in your vehicle. Cleaning Husky Liners couldn’t be any easier-just pull `em out, hose `em off and let `em dry. Husky Floor Liners are available in 3 colors to match or accent your ride’s inside: Tan, Grey and Black. Your Husky Floor Liners are guaranteed for life against cracking and breaking.


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  1. Mark says:

    Have you ever seen snow melt off your clothes and into your carpet? How about mud all over your carpet? Sand and just general mess? I know I got sick of seeing that stuff so I ordered a set of these for the front and rear of my truck. Man, what a difference! They wipe right off and the carpet and mats are pristine and new underneath them. I would not own a truck without them!

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