Ford Truck Sales Rise For Second Straight Year

Shares of Ford (F) are up nearly 3% today after reporting strong sales for the year and December. One encouraging aspect of the report was the strength in its F-series trucks, which are among the company’s most profitable vehicles. The F-Series is also considered by many to be an indicator of strength in the small business sector, as small business owners make up a large portion of the overall buyers of the vehicle.

As shown in the chart below, sales of F-Series pickups rose 11% during the year following last year’s growth of 28%. Believe it or not, this was the first back to back double digit annual increase since 1995, and it now puts total sales at nearly the same level they were at back in 2007. Granted, sales of F-Series trucks are still down 38% from their highs in 2004, but that was also the year when the housing bubble was at its peak.

Ford Truck Sales Chart


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2 Responses to Ford Truck Sales Rise For Second Straight Year

  1. Mark says:

    The best thing about this news is that the economy seems to be slowly turning around and getting pointed in the right direction again. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and work hard to keep America #1 in every area that matters!

  2. Glad to hear this news! Ford are absolutely doing great at least in trucks item. I really love all accessories and parts from them. Never get bored with my Ford. Keep it up!

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